NEW WORLD TRILOGY: near-future, high-tech SF

This title contains the complete NEW WORLD TRILOGY, which includes DAY ZERO, AGENT ZERO and NEW WORLD respectively.

[This trilogy took just over five years to write.  Technically, it's more or less realist and extrapolative near-future SF.  A lot happens in this trilogy, and it's not an easy read.  But, given the subject matter, a reader who can stick with it should get something significant from it as it deals with topics and themes in detail that should be important to everyone.]

Set in the near-future, DAY ZERO and AGENT ZERO trace the events leading to and following the World Revolution and the emergence of the struggle towards New World Dynamics, which is examined further in NEW WORLD.

Approx. 91K

I haven’t posted the description of NEW WORLD before, so here it is:


Andreas, a scientist-technologist in Venus Colony, uncovers the nature of a diabolical threat to the whole population of the solar system.

When a mysterious incident causes the horrible deaths of thousands of inhabitants in Venus Colony, Andreas narrowly escapes with his life. During the ensuing investigation, he soon finds himself drawing different conclusions to those of this colleagues and superiors. With a sense of urgency, he decides to go straight to the top with his ominous results in order to avoid being undermined by the rampant politicking entrenched in the colony.

Sascha and Yanyan are receptive to hearing his case and subsequently provide him with the resources to conduct a bold operation to purge the system of the underlying threat. Meanwhile, the stakes have been raised as Earth has recently been terraformed and social experiments on the surface have begun in earnest.

While Andreas engages in covert R&D, Sascha and Yanyan must continue on as normal attempting to make progress towards a better world despite their beliefs and hopes having an ever-present risk of being ripped from them and the remnants of humanity.

Approx. 9.6K

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