BIOHACK (SPECTRAL FUTURES) (near-future, high-tech speculative fiction)

[This is near-future, high-tech speculative fiction and was released on 1 April 2013.]

Paige, a prominent Internet biohacker living in an undesirable near-future, experiments with an innovative biohack that has the potential of dramatically transforming humanity and the world system.

The lives of those who surround Paige have been reduced to a day-to-day existence. Her response has been to isolate herself from her local environment, preferring instead to experiment obsessively with personal biohacks as a distraction from the torments of the outside world.

An unexpected contact from the past, however, makes her dig up old memories and reconsider her life and what she’s doing. With an offer she can’t refuse, she self-tests a sophisticated biohack, the results from which soon lead her to displace her lifestyle and refocus her attention on the potential she now has to disrupt the future of transhumanity and the world system — that is, if she isn’t let down by her own inevitable naïvety and effectively suppressed by the conspiring social forces.

Approx. 12.1K

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