DRONES (SPECTRAL FUTURES) (near-future, high-tech speculative fiction)

[This is near-future, high-tech speculative fiction and was released on 16 April 2013. It's part of the 'Spectral Futures' collection of short stories.]
In a rapidly emerging, high-tech near future, Kacey, a remote robot operator working for a department of the Regional Remote-Security Division, has been confronted by her past on a daily basis for years … but never more so than now.

As events increasingly demonstrate the road to amplification and the inertia of the deteriorating social conditions of the country and the world system, Kacey and her remote operator team are among the first to witness some of the diabolical harbingers of the near future referred to in the emerging present.

The daily routine continues, regardless: the department and her remote operator team do what they can with inadequate resources and limited, privy information of the wider context in which they find themselves uncomfortably situated.

As events unravel and amplify, Kacey becomes increasingly obsessed with her past and attempts to find solace and resolution in her life despite the dangerous tumult that’s emergent in the external world and what all this means for her own past, present and near future … and everyone else’s.

Approx. 7.5K

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